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Dev in rio 2009

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Some good friends from (Guilherme) and myfreecomm (Henrique) have invited two speakers from the Caelum team to talk about Java at this year’s Dev in Rio.

Guilherme and Henrique will start the event monday morning and after that me and Nico Steppat will talk about how new modern languages (either dynamic, functional, more or less expressive or anything alike) are influencing the market around the world and how we can enjoy the benefits of those languages within the scope of a polyglot-programming team. Java shows its signs of age, so how can we face those changes in the world and profit from every positive aspects of those languages, while still benefiting something from the Java technology?

Ryan Ozimek will start talking about Joomla! and how it has been changing the and improving technology.

Fabio Akita from Locaweb will talk about Rails, we can expect some introduction to the rails enviroment and what has been developed so far by the community in order to make software development an easier task.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss will talk about Django, a well-known Python software that makes it easy to develop database-based websites.

And summing up, Vinicius Teles will gather all speakers and participants to talk about… software development.

It is a really nice chance to meet new people, learn and share ideas with some big names from the open source development community.


Written by guilhermesilveira

August 28, 2009 at 8:00 am

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