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When should I start a REST initiative

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Restfulie’s release, centered on hypermedia support, got a lot of attention back to not letting go the HATEOAS idea and the old question arrives again: is it worthy to invest money or time building a fully REST system in my company?

A full REST architecture imply in many choices that some prefer to leave out, but it is interesting to see how people reacted to REST in the last few years.

Using google insights, the first thing to note – a biased query due to the selected keywords? – a continuing increase of interest in REST since 2004 in the programming area.

Surely, this can not be accepted as a single ‘soa is dead, long live rest’. In this result for the query, red means ‘soa’ and blue means ‘rest’.

rest and soa query

A second search including ‘web services’ and ‘web service’ shows a decline for such words. For those who do not consider REST as a web service due to the general notion of WS being related to SOAP and WS-stacks, this is a positive aspect. The following result contains green and yellow meaning ‘webservices’, blue for ‘rest’ and red for ‘soa’.

rest, soa, webservice, webservices

if you compare searches for ejb, soap, corba and rest (blue is rest):

rest, soap, corba, ejb

Finally, comparing those technologies to the growth of programming searches, rest is the only one whose growth is bigger than programming searches average:

rest awaken

If you are looking for a contemporaneous architectural style which is growing in its adoption, google seems to point you to REST. This information gives stronger hope to those who are putting their time, money or energy into REST architectures: they might have picked a good path.

A technology evolves faster as more people start using it. Although there is a long way to go with REST and its hypermedia features, it’s the only line going up.

When friends and clients ask if its time to try and learn it… definately.

note: this post is not about rest being good, or better than any other solution compared, just a collection of interesting outcomes from developer’s searches. Remember: there is no silver bullet.


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December 21, 2009 at 9:34 am

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